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Affiches de films américains et guitares

Guitaristes gauchers : Jimi Hendrix et Bob Dylan
"Jimi Hendrix" (1973) / "I'm Not There"
Black is back
"Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny" (2006) / "Rock academy" (2003)
"Rock Forever" (2012) / "Presque célèbre" (2000)
"The Guitar" (2008)
"Becks" (2017)
"Ricki and the Flash" (2015)
"Fame" (2009)
"Rock academy" (2003) - Gibson SG Standard P-90
"Rock Forever" (2012)
"Retour à Zombieland" (2019)
"Phantom of the Paradise"
"Rudderless" (2014)
"Inside Llewyn Davis"
"August Rush" (2007)
"The Hottest State" (2006)
"A Star Is Born"
"A Star Is Born"
"Crazy Heart"
"Accords & Désaccords"
"Pure Country" (1992) / "Nashville Blues" (1993)
"Show Bus" (1980)
"Payday" (1973)
"Country Strong" (2010)
"Cadillac Records" (2008)

Films biographiques (biopics)

"Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll" (1987)
"The Buddy Holly Story"
"I'm Not There"
"Walk the Line"
"En route pour la gloire"
"I Saw the Light" (2015)
"Doux, dur et dingue"
"Alice n'est plus ici"


"Wattstax" (1973)
"U2: Rattle and Hum" (1988)
"Neil Young: Heart of Gold" (2006)
"Shine a Light" (2008)
"It Might Get Loud" (2008)
"Echo in the Canyon" (2018)
"Western Stars" (2019)
"Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something" (2020)
"Jimmy Carter - Le président rock'n'roll" (2020)

Films d'animation

"Tous en scène" (2016)
"Coco" (2017)
"Les Aristochats"

Bonus : affiches de films américains et étuis de guitare

"Inside Llewyn Davis"
"El mariachi" (1992)
"The Limits of Control" (2009)
"My Own Love Song" (2010)